On the latest OPSEU/SEFPO Talk episode, President Warren (Smokey) Thomas sits down with James Clancy, Founder and President of the Canadian Labour Institute for Social and Economic Fairness (CLI) and former President of OPSEU/SEFPO (1985-1990).

Episode transcript

Smokey and James discuss:
Skip to: 00:57 How the CLI was formed and the key groups targeting income inequality.
Skip to: 04:02 The CLI’s strategy for getting its research and message out to its audience and activists.
Skip to: 06:36 How the CLI connects with non-unionized community members in addition to labour activists to tackle income equality for all Canadians.
Skip to: 08:50 What motivates the volunteers working with CLI to get involved with the Institute.
Skip to: 10:55 James’s goals and ambitions for the future of the CLI.