In this episode of OPSEU/SEFPO Talk, President Warren (Smokey) Thomas speaks with Unifor National President Jerry Dias on the importance of supporting local and Canadian businesses on the road to economic recovery.

Episode transcript

Skip to: 1:08 Jerry, we live in an increasing globalize world, our economy isn’t confined to our borders, especially in the age of international trade agreements, and the importance of buying ‘made in Canada’ products isn’t new. So, let me ask you, why is it so important in these COVID times to buy Canadian?

Skip to: 3:07 So, from your point of view, what does recovery look like and what do you figure it’s going to take?

Skip to: 4:49 You’ve recently launched a campaign, Unifor has, with ‘I shop Canada’ campaign. So, could you tell us a little bit about that? Cause I could say “I shop Canada, but I also shop Ontario”, if you live in Ontario.

Skip to: 6:25 That brings me to my next question or point. So labour leaders like you and I we get that right, and I think a lot of business leaders get that, even the Chambers of Commerce is coming out and saying some things like that. But we would need government to buy in as well. So what would your message be to the Premier of Ontario, all of the Premiers across the country, and to our Prime Minister?

Skip to: 9:43 For young folks looking at coming out of high school or college, or even University, what would you say to young people about looking at trades as a career choice?

Skip to: 12:37 How would we get Ontario and Canada a way forward to get back into economic prosperity and put people back to work and have good full-time jobs? What would be a couple of steps that you would see vital?

Skip to: 15:14 The Premier of Ontario is creating an economic recovery table, I’m not quite sure how it’s going to look, but I’ve advocated to have labour have a very strong voice there. So in terms of labour, business, government working together, how would you see that work?

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