On the latest OPSEU Talk, President Warren (Smokey) Thomas talks to two of the forgotten frontline heroes in our public schools: education workers. Educational Assistant Sandra Cadeau and Child Youth Worker Bonnie Eddy aren’t in the field to get rich – they just want to help their students succeed. But they’re worried that if the government keeps holding “consultations” to dictate instead of listen, all students will suffer, and the province’s literacy and numeracy rates will keep falling.

Episode transcript

They’re also worried that if government doesn’t improve contact tracing for education workers across the province, the pandemic will stretch out longer than it needs to.

Skip to: 01:39 Can you tell our listeners more about the work that each of you do in our schools and how these roles have changed since you started working in the sector?

Skip to: 05:12 There’s this public perception that when the schools were shut down and remotely learning, that nobody was in the schools. But you folks, our members who do the work that you do, that are in there every day, never work from home.

Skip to: 06:56 What are the key differences between the support teachers offer to the student, and the support that education workers offer?

Skip to: 11:17 I get you point on how you balance the safety and provide an education for everybody. So, it must be very challenging work.

Skip to: 13:35 What would be your top safety recommendations for the government right now to keep our schools running safely?

Skip to: 18:45 Any last thoughts before we wrap up?

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you…Smokey, Sandra, and Bonnie. Well said!! So many well needed points brought to the forefront. It is so true, we are dealing with so many other issues in our classrooms. I agree, the times, the needs, and our positions, have changed so much since I was hired 17 years ago. I really appreciate all of you for having this very important discussion. I am really looking forward to the next podcast! Thank you very much, I am sending you all a virtual high five 🙂

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