In this episode of OPSEU/SEFPO Talk, President Warren (Smokey) Thomas speaks with Chair of the Indigenous Circle, Krista Maracle, about the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and the significance of observing Orange Shirt Day.

Episode transcript

Skip to: 01:56 What is the history and significance of Orange Shirt Day? And how can OPSEU/SEFPO continue to bring awareness across our membership in recognizing and commemorating this day?

Skip to: 03:58 The Federal government recently passed legislation to make September 30th a federal statutory holiday called National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. How has this legislation been received within the Indigenous community; does it go far enough?

Skip to: 07:05 Can you share some info for our members about the June 21st Campaign and their work?

Skip to: 09:38 How can OPSEU/SEFPO continue to build relationships with Indigenous communities across this province and our various regions? What can members do to be an active ally?

Skip to: 15:35 What is the significance of the Sacred Fire?

Website Resources

  1. National Truth and Reconciliation Centre:
  2. Orange Shirt Day:
  3. Woodland Cultural Centre:


  1. A Dark Legacy by Enos “Bud” Whiteye
  2. Dear Canada: These are my words by Ruby Slipperjack
  3. Phyllis’s Orange Shirt by Phyllis Webstad
  4. I am not a Number by Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy Kacer
  5. 21 Things You May Not know about the Indian Act by Bob Joseph


  1. Indian Horse
  2. Stolen Children: Truth & Reconciliation by CBC
  3. We Were Children
  4. We Can’t Make the Same Mistake Twice
  5. Just Get Over It:
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